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Re: [ontolog-forum] Kinds of 4-d (Was: Thing and Class)

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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 09:42:48 +0100
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> I suspect that a strong majority on this list is reasonably
> acquainted with relativistic 4-d.  We are aware that the speed
> of light and light-cones, while obviously key to relativity in
> physics, are only a relatively small part of the mathematical
> view of relativity, with issues such points-of-view, reference
> frames, transformations and covariance predominating.  On the
> other hand, surely many of us have seen a bill of materials with
> time dimensions offered as a prime example of where n-ary
> relationships are rather handy.  So I suspect that I am also
> speaking for a number of others on this list...    (01)

[MW] Unfortunately, this is not what ontological 4-dimensionalism
is about. Can I suggest you take a look at a presentation I made
at Leeds University "An introduction to 4-Dimensionalism in data 
taModels.pdf     (02)

On my "Recommended Reading Page" you will find references to 
books that give a more thorough coverage.
In particular Hawley and Sider.    (03)

Regards    (04)

Matthew West
http://www.matthew-west.org.uk/     (05)

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