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I just found this thread this morning.
My remarks are most closely tied to John Sowa's email of August 28, 2008.
I'm just learning about Common Logic, and the many other interesting topics
discussed here at Ontolog, so my remarks should be taken with a grain of salt.
mKR (http://mKRmKE.org/) is a controlled language which is English-like.
I believe mKR is fully compatible with the Common Logic standard.
I'll get back to ontologies in a minute.  I first wanted to show John's
Google example in mKR:
    person_0057 has
        name = John Doe,
        email = jdoe@xxxx;
The mKE program which implements the mKR language automatically
creates a unique identifier for this person.
The mKR language is matched to the underlying epistemological ontology
which I call tabula rasa. tabula rasa is a foundation ontology.
The syntax of mKR propositions depends on the type of characteristic
being expressed.  The person_0057 example above is an attribute
statement.  Here's an example of an action statement.
    at time = 10pm { John Doe do walk to the store
                                with purpose = buy food
All propositions are filed in the tabula rasa hierarchy,
along with inferences such as
    John Doe do walk done;
    walk iss action;  # species
    walk_0075 isu walk;  # instance
    walk_0075 has
        subject = John Doe, # agent
        to object = the store,
        with object = [purpose = buy food],
        time = 10pm;
Some other important features of mKR are context,
genus-differentia definitions, methods, relations.
Dick McCullough
Ayn Rand do speak od mKR done;
mKE do enhance od Real Intelligence done;
knowledge := man do identify od existent done;
knowledge haspart proposition list;

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