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Re: [ontolog-forum] Russell's Paradox, Updating an Open Theory, and Nega

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Adrian –

   Can’t resist, though it’s not quite relevant:


Ø  There's a version of [Russel’s]  paradox that is often used to explain it in concrete terms.  It goes like this.

In a certain village, the barber shaves all (and only) the men who do not shave themselves.
Who shaves the barber?

If it's the barber there's a contradiction -- he is shaving himself, but he's only supposed
to shave those who do not shave themselves.

If someone else shaves the barber, there is also a contradiction -- the barber is
supposed to shave those who do not shave themselves.

  But if the barber is a woman (or a robot), there is no paradox.  ;-)

  Russel lived in a sexist age.  Us moderns know better. 

  Moral: be sure you understand your assumptions – always a good idea.  The IBL formulation doesn’t mention anything about men (or women).




Patrick Cassidy



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