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texts are composed of lists, such as lists of 1. titles, labels and headings. 2. Lists of messages. Most sciences have similar lists called nomenclatures that are readily available for ontological classifications. The list of locales is just another new product in the same line and to the same purpose.
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Subject: CHAT: Slides about "what are locales?"

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G'day everyone

Locales are lists of information that computers use to do stuff in local
languages and various countries.  A locale is the list that specifies
whether a computer user in Tanzania should be printing on Letter or A4
paper by default, or whether a computer user in Namibia should be using
a decimal comma or point by default, etc.

There is a project in Africa to create locales for 100 languages, and
their slide show is actually quite informative about locales in general.
  Their slide show is meant for volunteers working on the project, but
it gives a very good overview about what locales are and what sort of
information one should look out for when dealing with different cultures.

The project home page is:
And a version that can be run full-screen is at:



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