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FYI.    (01)

 From Chris Harding of The Open Group:    (02)

For some time now, The Open Group has been developing a formal
ontology for SOA. We made an early version available for comment by
OMG members over a year ago - indeed, I came to one of your meetings
at the end of 2006 and presented our then-current draft. We have now
reached the stage where we believe that it is almost complete, and
are exposing it to outside bodies for review and comment prior to
its final review within The Open Group.    (03)

The ontology is a formal OWL ontology, but the draft also includes
extensive heuristic explanations of its concepts. It should be of
particular interest to the OMG, firstly because of its relevance to
Model-Driven Architecture, and also because it relates, at a high
level, a concept of Activity (which we believe to be substantially
the same as the BPMN concept) with concepts of Service and also of
Architecture.    (04)

The draft is publicly available at
We would very much appreciate input from OMG members, and will
address comments received at this stage before creating the draft
for final Open Group review. [OMG is invited] to review the draft
and send comments to [Chris].    (05)

Dr. Christopher J. Harding
Forum Director for SOA and Semantic Interoperability
Thames Tower, 37-45 Station Road, Reading RG1 1LX, UK
Mailto:c.harding@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Phone (mobile): +44 774 063 1520
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