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[ontolog-forum] W3C Common Web Language for web page semantics

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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 12:03:23 +0200
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This group will surely be interested in the subject of this latest 
report from Robin Cover's Cover Pages http://xml.coverpages.org/ :    (01)

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W3C Incubator Group Report: Common Web Language
Hiroshi Uchida, Toshio Yokoi (et al., eds), Incubator Group Final 
Report    (03)

Members of the W3C Common Web Language Incubator Group have 
published a Final Report. Currently almost all web pages are 
written in English.  It is convenient for English speaking people 
but it is not for non-English speaking people, and those people 
are the majority in the world. Those people cannot get information 
easily, because it is not written in their mother tongue. Recently 
machine translation facilities are equipped in the web, but it is 
not the solutions. Machine translation has a problem of quality 
and coverage of languages. HTML tags give information on structure 
of web documents, but they do not give semantic information on 
each words nor sentences in documents. It means HTM tags 
information is insufficient to intellectually utilize contents of 
web pages. The RDF and OWL have a framework to give semantic 
information but they do not have standard vocabulary to describe 
web contents.  The goal of the Common Web Language is to allow the 
exchange of information through the Web and also for enabling 
computers to process information semantically. CWL allows people 
to describe contents and meta-data of Web pages written in natural 
language; the language seeks to lower language barriers and to 
facilitate the automatic extraction of information from Web pages. 
The CWL is a graph language of semantic hyper directed graph, a 
node represents a concept, an arc represents a relation between 
nodes and a node can be annotated by attributes.  This CWL can be 
expressed in three languages UNL, CDL and RDF/OWL. The same 
information in CWL can be described in each language but in 
different manner. The CWL.unl is a language based on UNL. The 
CWL.cdl is a language based on the CDL. The CWL.rdf is a language 
based on RDF/OWL. Three different types of representations of CWL 
allow different way of treatment of the same information 
described. The CWL.unl is for multilingualism, The CWL.cdl has 
compatibility with semantic computing systems for semantic 
computing, The CWL.rdf is for working with various data navigation 
and aggregation systems (like SPARQL). Compatibility among 
expressions in UNL (CWL.unl), CDL (CWL.cdl), and RDF is 
guaranteed.    (04)

See also the W3C Common Web Language Incubator Group Charter: 
http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/cwl/charter    (05)

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