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Re: [ontolog-forum] What is "understanding"

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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 17:40:00 -0400
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Pat,    (01)

There is an enormous amount of information to be decoded from
any NL text, and no single method, by itself, is sufficient.    (02)

 > But after working through that wonderful resource [Roget's],
 > I concluded that deeper text understanding could not be supported
 > by anything less than a logic-based ontology...    (03)

There is no single module that can do everything, not even a
theorem prover combined with a deeply axiomatized ontology.
As I said before, Cyc had that years ago, and Cyc can't read
a book.    (04)

What I was saying is that word-expert parsers as Small designed
them are far less promising as one component among many than
Quillian's old spreading activation method -- plus new ideas,
as the 2007 article said.    (05)

Please read Minsky's _Society of Mind_ and my paper about the
Flexible Modular Framework:    (06)

    Architectures for Intelligent Systems    (07)

These approaches can accommodate and integrate a multiplicity
of methods, including logic, analogy, case-base reasoning,
statistics, spreading activations, and even WEP.    (08)

John    (09)

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