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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 14:29:27 -0700
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The ACM has a fairly comprehensive taxonomy one could use as a starting 
point, which covers all of the areas they have working 
groups/publications in.  Other places to start might include IEEE, to 
extract a similar hierarchy from their working groups/pubs (although 
they may have also developed a formal taxonomy - I haven't investigated 
this), and on the software engineering side, check the software 
engineering institute at CMU.  You may need to be a member of ACM or 
IEEE to get access to some of this information, but it's worth a look.    (01)

There are also ISO standards for terminology in software engineering and 
computer science, but these may not all be freely available.    (02)

Elisa    (03)

M. Shamsfard wrote:    (04)

>Dear All,
>We are developing a mid level ontology for computer field
>(including computer engineering, science, tools, hardware, software, 
>services, ...)
>Is there any developed ontology for this field? or even a part of it?
>your guidance is highly appreciated.
>Mehrnoush Shamsfard
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