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Luis –


I personally always begin with a model of a successful customer outcome. In other words, it is difficult model your categories until you deeply understand how your customer will define success. 


From your website,  it appears that you have clearly defined your mission, and mapped the key questions you are seeking to answer. 


These are key elements of your successful customer outcome.


In addition,  you will need to have actual beta customers as representative of possible contextual viewpoints, who will support the review process for both your as-is and to-be models.  Use the approved models to determine the prototypical solution model that will transport your specific customers from their as-is current context model to the approved to-be future context.  Develop the prototype and deliver it for review to your customer for a performance evaluation of the developed prototype.


Prototypes and funded full-scale implementation typically require some mathematical simulations, prior to funding.




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I am a new subscriber, invited by Chaim Zins.

My complete name is Luis Teodoro Gutierrez (Cuban-American).   My Ph.D. is from the Georgia Institute of Technology (1974) in systems engineering and information science. Retired from IBM with 30 years of service, have done some consulting.

I am now an independent researcher and writer. My favorite project is researching global issues at the intersection of technology, solidarity, sustainability, non-violence, and religion. I believe it is critical to make young people aware of current global issues that may reach crisis intensity during their lifetime.

My website is The Pelican Web. The mission of the website includes publishing a monthly newsletter, Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence. The newsletter is basically a commented digest of current research and emerging issues.  I am a frequent user of Knowlege 2008 and have a large number of links "organized" as a relational database, but cannot converge on a stable set of sorting categories.

Looking forward to learn more about knowledge organization.


Luis T. Gutierrez, PhD
The Pelican Web



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