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Re: [ontolog-forum] What words mean -- What this thread means

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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 08:58:21 -0600
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At 10:09 AM +0200 2/18/08, Christopher Spottiswoode wrote:
>Michael, thanks for your trouble.
>>Christopher said:
>>>For my part, I look forward to your showing me, in due course,
>>>how I might have been more succinct in introducing my very
>>>new and very big message.
>>I can't be any help, because I don't know what it is that you
>>are trying to say.
>My "in due course" referred (clearly, I had hoped...) to the
>future, after you have (I hope) read a lot more of what is still
>to come.    (01)

It might be best, Christopher, to follow the 
usual practice in such situations, which is to 
refrain from posting long messages until one 
actually has the promised future insight ready to 
show the world. I hope to hear from you when you 
are in a position to explain what it is that you 
are going to talk about.    (02)

Pat    (03)

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