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Re: [ontolog-forum] Scheduling the Ontology Summit 2008, as part of NIST

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At this point, either week is good for me.
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Subject: [ontolog-forum] Scheduling the Ontology Summit 2008,as part of NIST's Interoperability Week

On the subject of the Ontology Summit 2008, we are faced with locking down a date, and I am requesting feedback on conflicts with any other major events. The two possibilities we are down to at this point are:


Week of March 10 (primary choice)

Week of March 31


Please check around for your favorite conferences or other commitments, and let me know if you see a conflict. I'm hoping we can settle this in the next couple of weeks. I should add, of course, that we are doing this same exercise with half a dozen or more communities that will be participating in Interoperability Week at NIST, so we're hoping for the best.


- Steve


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