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Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 21:19:11 +0300
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Dear Paola,

Enjoy reading your excellent article: Ontology: Making the Business Case,
http://www.cutter.com/bia.html. A long while could not read such a quality
review about ontology and its engineering applications. Among other things, i like your bringing up Mealy's position on the role of ontology (made in 1967!) that in data pocessing there are three main aspects:
the real world itself;
ideas about the world;
symbols on some storage media.
Outstanding achievement. Thanks a lot.
wish new successes,
PS: contents
information ket to intelligence;
what is ontology (boundaries, defining ontology);
the business case for ontology (business, ontology, and transformation; data mining; transaction processing; costing; evaluation) ;
ontology lifecycle and artifacts (management phase; implementation phase);
ontology engineering and methodologies (ontology matching; ontology versus other representation models; ontology defintion metamodel and model-driven engineering);
ontology and the organization (semantic and concepual consistency within the organization; possible ontologies, open worlds, and collaboration; collaborative and modular ontologies; consensus building )

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