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[ontolog-forum] Letter of Endorsement for ISWC 2009 Northern Virginia/Gr

To: Leo Obrst <lobrst@xxxxxxxxx>, Mike Dean <mdean@xxxxxxx>
Cc: ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 11:40:18 -0700
Message-id: <4703E212.4000907@xxxxxxxx>
Date: October 3, 2007    (01)

To Whom It May Concern (c/o Leo Obrst & Mike Bean)    (02)

I am writing on behalf of the Ontolog Forum to support the 
proposal to host ISWC 2009 in the Northern Virginia/Greater 
Washington DC, USA area.    (03)

A good number of the members of our community should be very 
interested in participating in ISWC 2009 if it is held in
this location, and we will strongly encourage our membership to 
participate and contribute content to your conference.    (04)

Sincerely,    (05)

Peter P. Yim
Co-convener, Ontolog Forum
--    (06)

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