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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 12:50:16 -0400
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I plan to cover the following material:    (01)

Potential Ontology Applications for National Science Foundation 
Records Management    (02)

Disclaimer:    (03)

        These remarks are unofficial.
        Do not necessarily reflect NSF management views or policy.    (04)

NSF Activities
        Receive research proposals
        Review research proposals
        Either decline or award proposals
        Send out money
        Track money
        Track progress    (05)

NSF Record Management    (06)

        Every decision must be justified and documented
        All money must be tracked, documented
        Progress must be documented
        Declines have approx. 20 records each 
        Awards will have several dozen records each
        Active lifetime of award is approx. 5-10 years
        Archival lifetime:  currently life of agency
      Archival records:
                used for management studies
                used to find, evaluate reviewers
                used to assess PIs, novelty of proposals    (07)

NSF Record Types    (08)

        Research  (proposals, award abstracts, reports)
        Reviews / award processing
        Money    (09)

NSF Records    (010)

        Policy Manual
        IRB Approvals
        Budgets (proposal, NSF)
        Award letters
        Award budgets
        Award abstracts
        Progress reports    (011)

NSF Record Management
        Currently both paper and digital
        Transitioning to all digital
        Multiple systems:
                PARS,  Fastlane, E-Jacket
        Transitioning to more integrated system.    (012)

Prospective Ontology Applications
        Workflow management
        Entity Resolution    (013)

        Taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, ...
        Used for query expansion, directory based searching    (014)

        Record types
        NSF administrative ontology  (proposals, awards, PIs, SROs,
actions, states)
        NSF org chart
        Science taxonomies and synonyms    (015)

        Clustering proposals by topics
        Ontologies would help clustering - cope with terminology
        Routing to clusters, PIs, panels, reviewers, ...    (016)

        Some builtin reporting (by organization structure, proposal
status, ...)
        Frequent demands for ad-hoc reports
                e.g., by subject area, geography, institution, ...
        Ontologies (taxonomies - esp. of science) would help immensely    (017)

Workflow Management
        NSF workflow management is several stove pipe applications
        Info sharing -  some shared DB, some messaging
        Not built on Workflow Management System
        Difficult to understand, change workflow
        Difficult to understand state of proposal
        Difficult to report fine-grained status of proposals 
             e.g.,  Most proposal are "pending" - why?
        Need administrative ontologies
                of proposal status, documentation, worfklow,
                organization charts,  ...
        Ontologies could support formalization, automation of
                workflow, workflow management    (018)

Entity Resolution
        Need instance level information on:
                reviewers, PIs, institutions, awards, ...
        Many persons / institutions appears multiple times
                variant spellings, simple duplication
        Need to resolve multiple entities (duplicate removal)
                for tracking, reporting, searching, ...    (019)

Slides to follow.
Comments invited.    (020)

                Frank Olken    (021)

National Science Foundation
Computer and Information Science and Engineering  Directorate
Intelligent Information Systems Division
Information Integration and Informatics 
Suite 1125
4201 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22230    (022)

Tel:    703-292-8930 (main)
Tel:    703-292-7350 (direct)
Email:  folken@xxxxxxx    (023)

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