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Re: [ontolog-forum] {Disarmed} Reality and Truth

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Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 22:38:05 +0700
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HI Deb
I am interested in analysing the reality vs truth relationship

In an earlier statement I said that 'reality is the sum of what is true'
I could have also said, 'reality is the sum of what is', that could also be narrowed further to 'reality is what is',

[ or more simple 'reality is what exists']

Let me try to understand your reasoning:

Reality is bigger, truth is smaller.

bigger than..... smaller than.... please give an example of your metrics,

Reality simply happens without qualifications, it is not true yet.

well, I am arguing a different viewpoint here. I suggest that you may or may not consider something true, but if it exists,  then it  must be true. For example   
human with wings = does not exist = false

I am suggesting that something that is not true cannot exist in reality.
I would like you to argue directly with that statement above, if you disagree

Reality is a chaotic swirl.

Because it is mixed with delusion, illusion, mistake

Truth needs to be selected, remembered, picked apart and make sense - collectively brought forward into the future on purpose.

I think also truth is a caotic swirl, and  what is not true is not reality as such, but delusion

Current truths may or may not reference past realities, history repeats itself and we make the same mistakes over and over again.

That because the political reality of historial reality has never been told completely and correctly.
So there is a dichotomy between reality and truth only because they are both impartial and incomplete or incorrect
Reality and truth may refer to each other but that does not make them equal. Reality can't be completely true because they are not the same.

I think they are, although they can be viewed separately and/or from different angles and perspectives

 Truth is extractions of portions of reality we want to keep thinking about, looking at, working with. Huge percentages of reality are discarded in the quest for truth.

Thats where the quest for truth fails, when it discards portions of reality

Anyway, you are entitled to see your world in any way you wish, and yes I think reality and truth and messy and long but can be sorted out within a suitable framework (lol)

Paola DM

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