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Date: 19 Apr 2007 17:20:46 -0400
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"Deborah L. MacPherson" wrote:    (01)

> Preserving cross-context truths cannot only be specified, the
> construction also has to also be shown. A formal manner for drawing
> and documenting the architecture of context is missing.    (02)

"Conklin, Don" <don.conklin@xxxxxxxx> writes:    (03)

> Couldn't agree more, especially since multiple contexts may be in play
> simoltumultously (not a spelling error, my term [simultaneously +
> tumultuously) concerning the same event or issue in play, even as it
> morphs over time     (04)

That's why it is interesting and useful to conserve and leverage the
impact of an insight that context1:X is the same as context2:Y.      (05)

* It is not necessary to prove an insight mathematically before it can
  be stated or used.    (06)

* It is not necessary that a context be logical or internally
  consistent for it to provide interpretive guidance, or to be
  meaningful, or to be useful.    (07)

* It is not necessary that a human being be a world-class
  philosopher, or an expert in any ontology, before he or she can
  contribute to knowledge.    (08)

* Moreover, the progress of Science is incompatible with the idea that
  we can know in advance whether we will have the tools to say what
  will need to be said.    (09)

My Ph.D. is in Music Theory.  A close friend of mine is a composer.
He once said to me something that put me in my place:     (010)

  "You Music Theory guys are the *undertakers* of music.  When you've
   understood it, it's dead.  Fortunately, there's always new music
   being written, and it works even though -- and perhaps *because* --
   nobody, not even the composer, knows why."    (011)

He was right.  Sure, we theorists can program computers so they will
write music that exploits our insights (now there's a top-down
scenario for you!)  But that's not where the action is.  Not at all.    (012)

-- Steve    (013)

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