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Subject: [Alle-idi] 2nd CfP: STAB'07 - Workshop on Semantic Technology 
Adoption in Business at ESTC 2007
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 12:15:34 +0200
From: Darijus Strasunskas <Darijus.Strasunskas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sincere apologies for cross posting!
NB: New deadlines!!!    (03)

=========    (04)

                                               Call for Papers    (05)

                                                   STAB'07    (06)

   First International Workshop on Semantic Technology Adoption in Business
                     from Concepts & Prototypes to Practical Solutions
                 To be held at ESTC 2007, in Vienna, Austria, June 1, 2007    (07)

                           NEW ****Submission deadline: May 6, 2007****    (08)

                                   http://events.idi.ntnu.no/stab07/    (09)

=========    (010)

The STAB workshop promotes a forum for the discussion on the analysis
of the value through the adoption of semantic web technologies. The
focus here is on quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring,
predicting, and understanding the value that semantic technologies
bring to the enterprise, and the cost before these technologies are
ready to use. The workshop aims at exploring the practical aspects and
establishing empirically grounded analysis of business cases in order
to provide a better evaluation to the applications of semantic
technologies in industry and public sector.    (011)


Today's Web has been playing a central role in communication and
cooperation for business applications. While enterprises revolving
around service-oriented architectures, they require more openness,
agility and interoperability for the conceptual modelling, so that the
data can be easily organized and understood across multiple
enterprises. In the recent years, research on semantic web
technologies offers a promising prospect to solve the problem.
However, semantics-driven applications have not been widely used in
industry, because they lack enough evaluation to demonstrate that the
benefits of the new technology will overwhelm the payout.    (013)

In order to promote more efficient and effective semantic technology
usage in business, there is a need to contemplate on choice of the
technology by analyzing their quality- and value-added aspects for
enterprises, summarize use cases and identify best practices. Several
issues have been put forward by the current research, like the
workload for annotation, the scalability, the security and privacy and
the balance between the express power and reasoning capability. All
these issue should be seriously considered before putting semantic
technologies in use.    (014)

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers,
developers, and practitioners to discuss experiences and lessons
learned, identify problems solved and caused, synergize different
views, analyse interplay between quality and value aspects, and
brainstorm future research/development directions. Particularly, we
strongly encourage submissions dealing with semantic technology
adoption and deployment in practice, various usage scenarios and
trade-offs made, etc.    (015)

TOPICS of INTEREST:    (016)

Submissions that focus on the application of semantic technologies in
business are especially invited. Topics include, but are not limited
to:    (017)

   * Applications of semantic technologies in:
         o e-commerce & m-commerce;
         o personalization;
         o context aware services;
         o collaborative applications;
         o security and privacy issues;
         o medicine;
         o geographic information systems;
   * Deployment of semantics based enterprise knowledge management:
         o data and information integration;
         o content exploitation;
         o knowledge discovery and management;
         o rule-based regulation enforcement;
         o ontology and semantics based information retrieval;
         o deployment methods;
   * Task-specific evaluation of semantic technologies and applications:
         o feasibility of existing standards, techniques and languages;
         o ontology quality and value aspects;
         o scenarios for application value optimization;
         o contextualized value and quality;
         o user acceptance of new technology.    (018)


Workshop submissions will be electronic, in PDF format only, using the
EasyChair submission system. Paper submission will be opened in the
middle of April 2007. We invite submissions of two types: regular
papers, and position statements papers. Regular papers are restricted
to a maximum length of 12 pages, while a maximum length of position
statements papers is 6 pages (including figures, references and
appendices). Submissions must conform to Springer's LNCS format.
Guidelines and templates are available on the web at:
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html    (020)

Papers will be published in post-workshop proceedings under ISBN.
Publisher: Tapir Akademiske Forlag.    (021)


   * May 6, 2007: Submission of papers ****EXTENDED****
   * May 18, 2007: Notification about decision
   * May 27, 2007: Camera-ready versions due    (023)

   * Darijus Strasunskas (NTNU, Norway), dstrasun at idi.ntnu.no
   * Jinghai Rao (CMU, USA), jinghai at cs.cmu.edu
   * Sari Hakkarainen (NTNU, Norway), sari at idi.ntnu.no    (024)

PROGRAM COMMITTEE (tentative):    (025)

    * Rama Akkiraju (IBM Watson, USA)
    * Per Gunnar Auran (Yahoo!, Norway)
    * Rimantas Butleris (KTU, Lithuania)
    * Robert Engels (ESIS, Norway)
    * Jon Atle Gulla (NTNU, Norway)
    * Yucel Karabulut (SAP, USA)
    * Anders Kofod-Petersen (NTNU, Norway)
    * Hanna Kozankiewicz (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
    * Peep Kungas (SOA Trader, Estonia)
    * David Norheim (Computas, Norway)
    * Monika Lanzenberger (TU Wien, Austria)
    * Norman Sadeh (CMU, USA)
    * Jennifer Sampson (NICTA, Australia)
    * Amit Sheth (Wright State University, USA)
    * Pavel Shvaiko (Univ. of Trento, Italy)
    * Eva Soderstrom (Univ. of Skovde, Sweden)
    * Janis Stirna (Jönköping University, Sweden)
    * Stein L. Tomassen (Sintef, Norway)
    * Csaba Veres (DSTO, Australia)
    * Aleksander Øhrn (Fast Search & Transfer, Norway)    (026)

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