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[ontolog-forum] Connecting SOAR to an OWL-Ontology

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From: Lukas Aspoeck <aspoeck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 17:13:23 +0200
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Hi,    (01)

In a research project we are trying to develope a cognitive system for a 
process in production-techology.
The agents will be created with SOAR 
(http://sitemaker.umich.edu/soar/home) and should be capable to use and 
modify an OWL-ontology (OWL-DL) created by Protégé.    (02)

We're looking for some kind of middleware to translate a knowledge base 
into SOAR productions.
There have been projects like 'Herbal' or closed researchs like  
'Onto2Soar' but currently I cannot find any other attempts.
Is there any other possibility, any other idea to transfer the knowledge 
of an ontology into a SOAR-Agent?    (03)

And secondly, how complex would it be to build such an application?    (04)

Lukas Aspoeck    (05)

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