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Re: [ontolog-forum] help needed on Agents and Ontologies

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To: Cory Casanave
Subject: Re: [ontolog-forum] help needed on Agents and Ontologies

Hi Lakshmi,

My 2 cents, are as follows:

1.could you please tell me how to code Agents with explicit  ontologies ?

If the ontologies are expressed in a machine-readable syntax, the agent can read, interpret, reason, and execute over any of them (e.g., OWL, XML Schema) -- assuming you program you agent to interpret the chosen syntax.

2.suppose if we are building Multi-Agent Systems which accesses  ontologies from a Ontology server, can we use existing ontology  repositories in conjunction with our Multi agent  system.

If it’s machine accessible and machine readable by the agent, yes you can.

3.please tell me some of open-source available ontology  repositories/ontology servers that can be used in-conjunction with JADE  platform

JADE can be used in conjunction with any ontology repository/ontology server.

4.which  Ontology representation language is  suitable for such explicit ontologies?

This depends on how rich the ontology representation must be.  A simple syntax that cam be used is XMLSchema produced by, say, XML Spy.  If you need more advanced constructs (e.g., High-order representation) Full OWL might be necessary.  In other words, choose the ontology language that adequately supports the problem domain — and you have tool support for.

Hope this helps.  If not, ping me again.

All the best,

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