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Re: [ontolog-forum] Automatized databased generated Ontologies

To: "Juan Sequeda" <jsequeda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "[ontolog-forum]" <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 13:09:35 -0800
Message-id: <45F1CD0F.6020206@xxxxxxxx>
 > [JS]  I hope it's not much a repetition to ask for opinions
 > about my comment.    (01)

[ppy] of course not, you are most welcomed, as this is relevant 
to our the community is working on. I just wanted to make sure 
you are aware of the ongoing "Database and Ontologies" 
mini-series, since that seems to be relevant to what you are 
working on as well. Do come join us at the future realtime 
sessions when you can, I am sure your input and contribution will 
be appreciated.    (02)

Cheers.  =ppy
--    (03)

Juan Sequeda wrote Fri, 9 Mar 2007 12:54:37 -0600:
> Hi Peter
> I know! Unfortunately I am traveling right now and I wasn't able to 
> attend. Anyways, I hope it's not much a repetition to ask for opinions 
> about my comment.    (04)

> On 3/9/07, *Peter Yim* <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx <mailto:peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>> 
> wrote:
>     Juan,
>     In case you didn't realize, we (members of the Ontolog community) are
>     in the middle of a mini-series of talks and discussion, championed by
>     Matthew West, around the subject of "Database and Ontologies." The
>     series was initialized in Aug.2006, and kick-off in Oct.2006.
>     See: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?DatabaseAndOntology
>     We just had a session yesterday ... and missed you there.
>     All the session have been archived (slides and audio recording) ...
>     therefore, you might want to start from there.
>     Cheers.  =ppy
>     --    (05)

>     On 3/9/07, Juan Sequeda < jsequeda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>     <mailto:jsequeda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>      > Hi All
>      >
>      > I am glad a nice thread is starting.
>      >
>      > The reason of my question, is due to our beliefs ("our" means our
>     research
>      > group under the direction of Dr. Daniel Miranker) of the way the
>     Semantic
>      > Web can be successful. The Semantic web will connect data, but
>     where is most
>      > of this data stored? Databases! And we will continue using
>     databases for
>      > life. Therefore we believe that the success of the semantic web
>     will depend
>      > on the ability to easily, maybe even trivially, either generate local
>      > ontologies as part of a database interface or generate mappings
>     of local
>      > databases to global ontologies. Currently, these mapping systems
>     exist and
>      > this can be possible, to connect a DB to the semantic web (in the
>     case of
>      > the D2R Server) but with all the existing databases, who is going
>     to build
>      > the ontologies that are going to be needed to be mapped.
>      >
>      > Any opinions...    (06)

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