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On 3/9/07 10:03 AM, "ewallace@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <ewallace@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (01)

> Understanding that "original meaning" may be personally enrichening, but
> it also can be misleading when applied to domain-specific vocabularies.
> Coming to a speech community with its own established vocabulary and
> arguing about its terms based on their original or "true" meaning is
> almost always a waste of everyone's time.  The community understands
> its terms and won't change until some force of change appears which
> is compelling.  Original meaning itself is not such a force,
> although it certainly played a role in the term (the word or phrase)
> being chosen in the first place.    (02)

I see folksonomies, coupled with cloud tags, very useful.  Imagine an alien
came from a distant galaxy (or Western Canada), learned the syntax of
english, the tried to figure out what the term "snoot" means.  The first
place you an go to get a read of the meaning might be a tag cloud and follow
the links to examine the resources tagged with "snoot".  This gives anyone a
good cross sectional starting point for how people use the term in the real
world.  You could then look up "snoot" in the static dictionariy to get an
idea of how it is meant to be used, then go to Wikipedia to see the middle
ground (although lately I am becoming less enthusiastic about Wikipedia as
they seem to have employed some rather nasty characters who think they are
"masters" of the terms and can censor anyone with a couple of keystrokes).    (03)

If it differs from the way it is meant to be used, which is the one you
would follow?    (04)

/d    (05)

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