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Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 13:49:10 -0500
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Debbie and Duane,    (01)

Both of you seem to imply that there is no clear definition.
According to Debbie,    (02)

> To me, does not necessarily mean folksonomy is a slur. Does the term
> imply an ad-hoc unstructured or immature version of a formal ontology?
> Maybe on-the-fly the authors don't have or need an official term yet.
> It is what it is, like the rumors of no native american word for art,
> or no eskimo word for snow, "things" or "processes" that are so
> integral that so far, there has never been a need for them to be
> described from outside in a comprehensive overview.
> When writing formal specifications, it may be neccessary for terms to
> be applied by others outside a field. In this sense, a folksonomy
> might be more like an outline or a sketch. Sketches and outlines are
> hard to make also.    (03)

If it is a sketch or outline, then call it that.  But sometimes,
it might be intended as a taxonomy, a glossary, a type hierarchy,
a lexicon, a thesaurus, or whatever.  But for one reason or another,
it doesn't meet all the requirements.    (04)

My suggestion:  If it is an informal or unstructured version of
some X, which doesn't meet all the requirements for a proper X,
then just call it an "unstructured X" or an "informal X".    (05)

The word "folk" is used in a positive sense in "folklore" and
in a negative sense in "folk psychology."  That would make the
word "folksonomy" doubly ambiguous:  we're not sure what it means
or whether the speaker has a positive or a negative attitude.    (06)

For such terms, I recommend the refrigerator policy:    (07)

    When in doubt, throw it out.    (08)

John    (09)

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