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Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 15:33:23 +0700
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Not sure if this is worth discussing, in fact I hope not, but want to
share this cause its funny  As I said before, I do take slight issue
when my language is referred to as 'non standard', no offense taken at
all, but when it comes to language I like to be meaningful    (01)

with reference to earlier posts arguing the appropriate choice of term for
'ontology is a set of terms...'
please note that    (02)

TERM    (03)

The meaning "word or phrase used in a limited or precise sense" is
first recorded c.1378, from M.L. use to render Gk. horos "boundary,"
employed in mathematics and logic.    (04)

c.1225, terme "limit in time, set or appointed period," from O.Fr.
terme "limit of time or place" (11c.), from L. terminus "end, boundary
line," related to termen "boundary, end" (see terminus).    (05)

In ancient Rome, Terminus was the name of the deity who presided over
boundaries and landmarks, focus of the important Roman festival of
Terminalia (held Feb. 23, the end of the old Roman year)    (06)

http://www.etymonline.com/    (07)

also worth noting the search mode there    (08)

Paola Di Maio
(Q.e.D)    (09)

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