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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 14:40:10 +0700
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Greetings Ontopeoples    (01)

I believe we exchanged posts in cc on prior occasions (revisiting
axioms lately anyone?) but I never formally joined this mailing list,
and I am now a subscriber.    (02)

I am  drafting thoughts  towards on a 'Open Ontology for Emergency
Relief'  in support of a future generation of open source web based
data exchange services (SOA model).
This is part of ongoing voluntary work that I am doing, and also part
of my research activities.  At this stage, the goal is not yet
'develop an Open Ontology' but rather "define the work done to date in
this area, and identify possible systemic and infrastructural
challenges' as well making some  suggestions for an appropriate
methodology and conceptual/contextual definition. I realise its a
huge, complex task and potentially a can of worms, so I ll rescope
objectives as I go along..    (03)

I find on your pages
the information pasted below (session rescheduled) an no further links
I am now posting to write    (04)

1. is anyone on this list actively involved in ERO or related project
2. has there been any positive deliverable from such sessions to date
3. got any useful pages/links
4. anyone interested in working together towards progressing this area?    (05)

Thanks a lot
Paola Di Maio    (06)

The originally planned "Ontology Applications in Emergency Response
Panel Discussion" (previously slated for 2006-08-31) is being
rescheduled    (PTP)    (07)

    * Discussion Topic: "Ontology Applications in Emergency Response
Panel Discussion"    (PTQ)
    * Co-Organizer: RexBrooks & BobSmith    (PTR)
    * Preparation - see /Prep    (PTS)
    * General Agenda for Emergency Response Ontology, NCOR, Registry
Workshops    (PTT)
          o ARL does sponsor Seminars that meet these criteria    (PTU)
                + Concept Development focus?    (PTV)
                + Ontology Standards in Military Context focus?    (PTW)
                + Budget Estimation or Cost Drivers (See York Sure's LoC)    (    (08)

O    (09)

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