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Re: [ontolog-forum] Best tools for good lists of synonyms

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From: Bill Jarrold <jarrold@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 13:37:38 -0700
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Hello Antoinette,    (01)

I have 4 suggestions...    (02)

OpenCyc: You might derive synomyms from a broad, machine encoded  
ontology that contains affect, attribution, causality, revenge and  
more by looking at opencyc.    E.g. See
and type in pride or suffer or dominate.  Browse each such term and  
focus on
genls links (a genls link is a superclass link).  If this seems  
fruitful and you have questions about
how to browse or what things mean, let me know.    (03)

LIWC: This is a textual content analysis program used for various  
kinds of research mostly in the area of social psychology.  See  
www.liwc.net for background.   See http://www.liwc.net/ 
descriptiontable1.php .  That table indicates this program contains  
261 words and word stems that have to do with positive emotions and  
345 that have to do with negative emotions.  Beyond the few examples  
on their web page, I am not sure if they have published the list of  
words anywhere.  If the list is not published, then maybe you ask the  
authors (e.g. Pennebaker) then maybe you can get the lists from them  
(or even ask me, but only if they give you permission, of course).    (04)

OCC Ontology: Ortony Clore and Collins 1988 wrote a book called the  
Cognitive Structure of Emotion.  This is a fairly well thought out  
but not machine readable ontology.  It might help you derive some  
good synonym terms.    (05)

Related to OCC there are other articles such as  Ortony, A.; Clore,  
G.; and Foss, M. 1987. The referential structure of the affective  
lexicon. Cognitive Science 11:341--364. that contain large synonym  
lists.    (06)

Well, I realize that this may not be exactly what you are looking for  
-- i.e. you will have to do some legwork to actually get a list of  
synonym words from any of the above source.  Nonetheless I hope it is  
helpful.    (07)

Good luck,    (08)

Bill    (09)

On Oct 9, 2006, at 7:44 AM, Arsic, Antoinette wrote:    (010)

>  I use the public version of Wordnet, but I wonder if there are any
> other or better tools to finding good lists of synonym terms for the
> social sciences. In particular, for "motivations, intentions (I/we
> intend X and I/we intend X when Y), political motivations (achievement
> need to succeed, affiliation need to establish maintain relationships
> with others, and power need to control) as well as affect (happy -
> positive, sad/frustrated - negative), event attribution (causality -
> pride, positive self-esteem, luck, surprise, Deity; control/capability
> by others - luck, surprise/pity, shame; self - anger, guilt; stability
> - fleeting, transient and eternal, infinite; and values: morality,
> truthfulness, dominance (authority, leadership, influence), aggression
> (fighting struggle, punish, victory), suffering (opression), freedom
> (choice, self-determination), justice (equality, fairness), tolerance,
> revenge, and laws/lawfulness.
> I am interested in synonyms for all of the words above, and if you  
> have
> suggestions for a tool or the best tools to come up with lists
> (redundancies ok), please let me know, it's greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Antoinette
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