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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 10:44:30 -0400
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 I use the public version of Wordnet, but I wonder if there are any
other or better tools to finding good lists of synonym terms for the
social sciences. In particular, for "motivations, intentions (I/we
intend X and I/we intend X when Y), political motivations (achievement
need to succeed, affiliation need to establish maintain relationships
with others, and power need to control) as well as affect (happy -
positive, sad/frustrated - negative), event attribution (causality -
pride, positive self-esteem, luck, surprise, Deity; control/capability
by others - luck, surprise/pity, shame; self - anger, guilt; stability
- fleeting, transient and eternal, infinite; and values: morality,
truthfulness, dominance (authority, leadership, influence), aggression
(fighting struggle, punish, victory), suffering (opression), freedom
(choice, self-determination), justice (equality, fairness), tolerance,
revenge, and laws/lawfulness.     (01)

I am interested in synonyms for all of the words above, and if you have
suggestions for a tool or the best tools to come up with lists
(redundancies ok), please let me know, it's greatly appreciated.    (02)

Antoinette    (03)

Antoinette Arsic , Information Scientist, M.S.
The MITRE Corporation
703-983-5286 (office)
443-567-2703 (cell)    (04)

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