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Hi Kurt and Peter,    (01)

I got cut off before the end of topic 8 in last
teleconference before I could propose the following classes
of applications. Here is my two cents.    (02)

Currently ontology isn't playing a part in the following
applications but would make drastic difference if it did:    (03)

- SOA-based-business-process application: such as (OASIS's)
ebSOA-based business and safety / security / emergency
preparedness cases.     (04)

- Semantic-agent-based-paradigm application: such as traffic
management system to also cater for information needs of
agents in/out of traffic system. This could lead to value
added services for, say, fleet management, ambulance
dispatch and guidance, etc.       (05)

- Long-running-process-composed-on-the-fly application: this
involves discovery, mediation, composition, and execution of
a sequence of (semantic) services to intelligently satisfy
user requirements.      (06)

Well, of above, I don't know of any specific current
application utilizing ontology; so you may list them under
"Future Applications" heading.     (07)

Have a good day. / Iyi günler dilerim.
Atilla Elçi
http://www.sinconf.org/ http://www.abg-sinconf.org/
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Thank you, Mills.  =ppy
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