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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 07:35:16 -0700
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HI Peter, All,    (01)

My thanks to Mills, as well.    (02)

The Semantic Interoperability Service-Oriented Architecture Pilot 
group I head is working on a Web Services Registry of Standards, SDOs 
and organizations whose products/services implement these standards 
in the domains of Emergency Management and Health Informatics 
implementing both The OASIS UDDI and ebXML Registry-Repository 
standards.    (03)

This group is exploring funding possibilities through both the 
Federal Business Opporunities listings, various grant programs, and 
SBIR/STTR. We have responded to one Department of Homeland Security 
Program for which we thought we had an excellent proposal comprised 
of a number of added scoring bonuses for small, disadvantaged 
businesses, a woman-owned business and a disabled veteran-owned 
business amongst the collaboratory participants. However, it was 
withdrawn before a decision was announced.    (04)

In addition, we are working on two proposals for the DoD Health 
System based on semantic services delivered through the interface to 
the registry. We are focusing on geospatially-indexed services 
related to emergency management and health informatics for 
situational awareness, rapid response and critical decision-support.    (05)

Rex    (06)

At 1:28 PM -0700 9/23/06, Peter Yim wrote:
>Thank you, Mills.  =ppy
>To the Ontolog community,
>I'm forwarding the request from Mill Davis (co-chair of SICoP) below,
>which is self-explanatory.
>Apart from the use cases cited in the W3C OWL Web Ontology Language
>Use Cases and Requirements document (ref:
>     *  Web portal
>     *  Multimedia collections
>     *  Corporate web site management
>     *  Design documentation
>     *  Agents and services
>     *  Ubiquitous computing
>Please suggest other top applications -- projects you are already
>working on, or applications that you feel should be worked on -- where
>the use semantic technology would make a significant difference in
>improving the solution (effectiveness, quality, timeliness, cost,
>Mills is also requesting thoughts on how these suggested/listed
>applications could be (is being) funded.
>Let's open this discussion up and solicit answers on/before Sep. 30,
>2006. If we are getting active responses, I'll start a wiki page to
>help capture and organize the input. After the end of the month, let's
>tally the results and pass them onto the SICoP folks as another
>contribution of this community to the 5th Semantic Interoperability
>for E-Government Conference. (For those who may not have noticed, our
>co-convener, Dr. Leo Obrst, will be representing Ontolog in delivering
>a brief at that event as well ... thank you, Leo.)
>Thanks in advance.  =ppy
>Peter P. Yim
>co-convener, Ontolog
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>From: Mills Davis <mdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Sep 23, 2006 11:28 AM
>Subject: Top 5 list of applications best handled via a semantic
>technology approach?
>To: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
>Even though you may not be present at the 5th Semantic
>Interoperability for E-Government Conference (October 10-11th at
>Mitre, McClean, VA), I'd like to ask for your input to our special
>opening panel session where we'll discuss expert's picks for high
>priority applications for semantic technology, and thoughts about how
>they might get funded.
>What are your top-5 picks?
>Co-chair, SICOP
>Mills Davis
>Managing Director
>202-255-6655 cel
>1-800-713-8049 fax
>PS -- Perhaps this would be an appropriate questions to lob to the
>Ontolog Forum members, and ask for responses? In any event, I plan to
>tabulate responses and share findings.
>5th Semantic Interoperability for E-Government Conference
>October 10-11, 2006
>at Mitre, McClean, VA
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>    (07)

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