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Hello All,

In response to the question about applications that can be handled via a semantic technology approach, I'd like to give a brief overview of the research I'm involved in.  I work for the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, which is a university affiliated research center primarily concerned with computer simulations.  Much of our funded work has to do with DoD and NATO military simulations, particularly in the area of interoperability.  To this end, the small group at VMASC that I represent are very much interested in how ontological representation methods can help with conceptual interoperability between simulation systems.

A recent workshop paper that I presented takes the ideas of Uschol and Jasper in their "Framework for Understanding and Classifying Ontology Applications", meshes with with Leo Obrst's Ontology Spectrum, and tries to take the resulting matrix and show how we can move forward in different areas of simulation interoperability by using different artifacts of ontology representation, and targetted for different application areas.

Two promising areas of research from the matrix presented in the paper I referred to, are the areas of (first) neutral authoring (where a mid-level ontology can serve to control the access to common terms between applications - note that this is at the term level of understanding, so does engender the capture of meaning beyond that).  The second area is common access to information, whereby a richer structure is used for ontological representation than in the previous method, and the attemp here (the hope) is to base interchange on meaning, rather than basing it on terms.

Our usual funding scheme for much of this work is by the US Government BAA's that come out in the areas of semantic representation, conceptual interoperability, and service oriented connectivity for simulations and other systems.

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