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Re: [ontolog-forum] Proceedings of the Upper Ontology Summit - 2006.03.1

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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 11:18:04 -0500
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Thank you - Peter for sharing this success.    (01)

  Last HITOP meeting as a subject matter expert Dr. Suzie Stephens gave her
review of how ontology is developing in the Rx arena.    (02)

I would like to ask the forum if you have a topic that you wish to suggest
that might be considered?    (03)

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I have just posted some pictures of last week's Upper Ontology
Summit event to:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/UpperOntologySummit/picture/UpperOntologySummit_20060315/    (05)

Also, (ref:
anyone who participated at the UOS event or its preparation
activities who would wish to add his/her endorsement (or to have
their name(s) modified or removed), please e-mail the undersigned
on/before Mar. 31, 2006. Your endorsement and support are
solicited and valued.    (06)

Regards.  =ppy
--    (07)

Peter Yim wrote Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:38:18 -0800:
> I am happy to report that we had a REALLY successful Upper
> Ontology Summit event yesterday (2006.03.15).
> As usual, the proceedings (speakers' slide and all) are available on
> the respective session pages on our wiki. See:
> (a)  for the he Upper Ontology Summit (3/16/06 pm meeting proper):
> (b) for the Upper Ontology Application Dialog (3/15/06 am):
> Apart from the fact that we were able to pool together most of the top
> public Upper Ontology experts from around the world to this summit,
> the highlight of the event has been the release of a Joint Communique
> by the custodians of all key public formal upper ontologies, which I
> will enumerate below:    (08)

> //
> Upper Ontology Summit
> Joint Communiqué
> March 15, 2006
> [1] The theory and technology of knowledge representation, reasoning
> and conceptual modeling have advanced to a stage where meanings of
> terms can be formally specified in computer systems with great detail
> and precision.
> [2] With the success and expansion of the internet, the potential for
> achieving semantic interoperability across interconnected applications
> has become widely recognized, a    (09)

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