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[ontolog-forum] Where does a taxonomy fit into a conceptual datamodel?

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Sue --    (01)

You wrote --    (02)

>From my perspective the use of a taxonomy behind the building of a
conceptual data model has the additionaL role of being a key to
interoperability between related data models where this is considered
desirable and particularly in the context of data exchanges between external
partners - without which ebusiness and egovernment interchanges cannot work.    (03)

There's an example you might like to look at of how taxonomies, data 
models and also business rules, can all fit together.  It's described in 
the "Semantic Web Presentation" at reengineeringllc.com.  It's also 
live, online as "SemanticResoluion1" at the same site.    (04)

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