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Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 12:47:32 -0800
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Understood Duane,    (01)

I was just expressing my personal opinion and citing my own peculiar 
use of concept maps because I find them very handy for getting ideas 
out of my head and into a form where it is somewhat easier to work 
with them. I actually didn't start using them until prompted by your 
work. So I will be quite content to use them on my own regardless of 
whether they become standardized notations. I will just have to be 
careful not to let my scratchpad work get saved in a formal document. 
I also plan to start using them in a networked whiteboard application 
I'm playing with. BTW, I wasn't familiar with YAMMV, and had to look 
it up. YUP.    (02)

The relationships actually make my point, since I can write in 
whatever I want, or whatever I think I'm modeling until it finally 
becomes more clear. However, you are quite correct that 
interpretation becomes darn near impossible without some rules.    (03)

Rex    (04)

At 9:39 AM -0800 12/13/05, Duane Nickull wrote:
>Rex said: "I would actually prefer if concept maps stayed informal or
>relatively informal for usefulness in my brainstorming process before
>moving on to my personal process for noodling out constraints."
>This has been identified as a problem since it leads to different people
>interpreting things differently.
>For example
>"A uses B"
>How would *you* answer the following:
>1. Can A exist without B?
>2. Is B aware of A?
>3. Is A aware of B?
>4. Is the reciprocal relationship "B is used by A" true?
>5. Does B need at least one A to exists before it can exist?
>6. Is B a complete concept without A?
>7. Does A always use B?
>8. add transitive, reflexive and all variants....
>I have avoided use of cardinality but others think that cardinality
>exists in concept maps.  Does this relationship mean exactly one A and
>one B must be present for the concept to be complete or does it
>represent multiples.  I have seen concept maps with plurality such as:
>"machines are used by workers"
>Why is workers plural?  Does it imply that there must be more than one
>What about instance, parent relationships?
>While you may answer these very clearly, the exact interpretation is not
>ubiquitous and YAMMV.
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