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I hope it is acceptable to post this here...


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>Subject: [ebxml-mktg] OASIS Symposium - Call for Participation
>OASIS Symposium: The Meaning of Interoperability
>9-12 May 2005
>Grand Hyatt San Francisco Hotel
>San Francisco, California, USA
>Interoperability is one of those terms which everyone understands within
>their own particular domain of experience or expertise. Consequently, the
>definition of interoperability varies greatly, even within e-Business or
>e-Government applications.
>The facets of interoperability also differ in importance depending on
>whether we look at it from the perspective of a business or government
>end-user, of a domain expert in a supply-chain, an application developer, a
>standards committee, or a product manager. Yet, interoperability is
>undeniably an end-to-end value proposition; failure to address a single
>aspect properly may invalidate or delay an entire deployment, sometimes
>casting an unfair discredit on related efforts.
>With a primary focus on e-Government and e-Business applications, the OASIS
>Symposium will investigate all the facets of interoperability, their
>dependencies, the enabling technologies, standards and practices, and
>opportunities for improvement. The event aims to help practitioners and
>designers of e-Business or e-Government systems get a broader, more aligned
>understanding of interoperability issues and solutions.
>OASIS invites proposals for presentations, panel sessions, and tutorials on
>topics related to one or more aspects of interoperability, including but not
>limited to the:
> * standards perspective
> * business perspective
> * semantic perspective
> * contractual perspective
> * infrastructure and product perspective
> * testing perspective
>Additional details may be found on the event web site:
>OASIS also invites tutorials on topics not directly related to the Symposium
>OASIS and the Program Committee invite you to submit a proposal for a
>presentation, panel session and/or tutorial that offers insights on the
>meaning of interoperability. The Program Committee may adapt or restructure
>proposals to ensure an interesting and technically compelling program.
>Presentations should be roughly 30-40 minutes in length, including a
>question-and-answer period. All presentations will be chaired by a member of
>the Program Committee.
>Panel sessions should be roughly 60-75 minutes in length, including a
>question and answer period. Proposals for panels should include the topic,
>three to four potential panelists (name and/or role) and proposed format
>(e.g. Q&A, short presentations, or both). All panel sessions will be
>Tutorials should be a half-day format (roughly three hours, including a
>break). Tutorial proposals should state the intended audience and learning
>Please send the following information using the submission Web page:
> * Full contact details (name, affiliation, email, phone,
>postal address) of one presenter who will act as the primary contact for the
>presentation or panel discussion
> * Full list of authors and/or additional presenters, if any
> * Brief biography (one paragraph) for all authors
> * 2000-word maximum extended abstract outlining the subject,
>title, and key points of your presentation, panel discussion, or tutorial.
>Deadline for submission is 20 of December 2005. All submissions will be
>Proposals Due : 20 December 2005
>Notification by : 14 February 2006
>Final Materials Deadline : To Be Announced in Confirmation Letter
>OASIS Symposium : 9-12 May 2006
>The Program Committee comprises OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB)
>Martin Chapman, Oracle
>James B. Clark, OASIS
>William Cox
>Jacques Durand, Fujitsu
>Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
>Hal Lockhart, BEA
>Mike Mahan, Nokia
>Jishnu Mukerji, HP
>Timothy Stevens, LexisNexis
>Pete Wenzel, Sun Microsystems
>The OASIS Plenary and Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the
>Symposium. This once-a-year event provides a members-only opportunity to
>review and respond to a state-of-the-union address presented by the OASIS
>Board of Directors. The AGM will be followed by an evening reception
>offering the perfect place to network with OASIS members, directors, and
>staff. OASIS will also host Technical Committee meetings on 10, 11, and 12
>of May. A complete list of TC meetings will be posted on the TC Information
>Page (as they become known)
>http://www.oasis-open.org/events/symposium_2006/tc_meetings.php. This page
>also includes meeting space reservation information.
>For further information, comments, and questions, send email to

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