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[ontolog-forum] Request for Input on Negotiation Methods

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From: Kurt Conrad <conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 07:58:01 -0700
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Ontolog Members,    (01)

While this might seem like a strange request for this group, many of 
our conversations have dealt with the issues associated with driving 
the consensus needed for shared conceptualizations.    (02)

I'm conducting a quick survey of negotiation methods and supporting 
training courses and an soliciting the input of the Ontolog community 
(either privately or to the pubic forum, as you see fit).    (03)

This is a "wide-net" search.  In addition to "traditional" business 
and legal negotiations, I'm interested in methods that target deeper 
levels of alignment and agreement (e.g., core values and perception) 
and don't want to rule out approaches that may have an even more 
spiritual basis.    (04)

I'm sure that this community has some unique insights and welcome any 
response.  If interest is great enough (especially as it applies to 
the identification and articulation of shared conceptualization), I'm 
open to making this topic the focus of one of our technical discussions.    (05)

Thanks,    (06)

/s/ kwc 2005.10.25 07:57    (07)

Kurt Conrad
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