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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:20:19 -0400
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Kim, Ren, and Dick,    (01)

On behalf of SICoP, I want to thank you for your message and the opportunity
to work on the DRM in an open and collaborative manner and to summarize our
DRM contributions based on extensive interviews (OMB, CIOs, Cief Architects,
Data artchitects, etc.), workshops, and pilots as summarized in our recent
SICoP Public Meeting (see
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SICoPConference_2005_09_14):    (02)

1. The SICoP Business Case for Semantic Technologies contains specific
recommendations for the DRM (see slides 20, 25, and 30 in Mills Davis
presentation).    (03)

2. The Best Practice Business Case Example featured at the SICoP Meeting
(see slide 9 in Roy Roebuck's presentation) is being considered by FEA-PMO
as the Business Case for the DRM!    (04)

3. The Featured Best Practice Implementation Example (see Rohit Agarwal's
presentation) is being called the "Killer App" for the DRM.    (05)

4. The DRM Implementation Profiles and SICoP Pilots are being included in
the DRM Implementation Through Iteration and Testing (ITIT) Team's work. For
example, the Collaborative Ontology Development Service and Infrastructure
(CODS) was announced at the SICoP Meeting (see Peter Yim's slides) and given
a special recognition for providing critical infrastructure that will
support SICoP and other Federal CoPs, the new National Center for
Ontological Research, and a world-wide community in collaborative ontology
development and applications. SICoP and the Ontolog Forum, which Peter Yim
is the co-covenor of, have developed a strong working relationship between
these two CoPs to advance the use of ontological engineering in enterprise
architecture, health information architecture, etc.    (06)

I plan to report on these DRM contributions at the DRM ITIT Team and AIC
meetings today and to the Best Practices Committee meeting next week, and
thought they might be useful in your informal briefing to the CIOs on
September 21st.    (07)

Best regards,    (08)

Brand Niemann
SICoP Chair and DRM ITIT Team Lead
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SICoP    (09)

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  Subject: [drm-team] Message to the DRM WG from AIC Co- Chair Kim Nelson    (010)

  Good afternoon, DRM Working Group    (011)

  Congratulations on completing your draft sections in time to meet your
August 31st deadline.  On behalf of my AIC Co-chair Ren Calhoon and FEAPMO
Chief Architect Dick Burk, we thank you for your hard work and dedication.    (012)

  As you turn your attention to the refinement and harmonization of your
concepts and ideas, it very important to work closely with your Chief
Architects/Data Architects.   They will have a core responsibility to
implement the future DRM v1.5.  For that reason, it's critical for you to
achieve common understanding about enterprise data architecture approaches
with your chief architect so that the DRM v1.5 provides value.    (013)

  I would also ask and anticipate that your efforts are informed by
communications with your respective CIOs.   Your CIO's informed perspective,
understanding, and leadership are critical to making the DRM successful.    (014)

  In preparation for the formal review of the DRM v1.5 by CIOs next month,
Ren and I will be briefing CIOs informally on Sept. 21. We have asked your
DRM Executive Team to attend this session, to listen to the discussion and
relay the highlights back to you. Our goal is to foster dialogue between
your efforts and the CIOs as we build toward consensus.    (015)

  I will be calling into your Sept 14th virtual meeting from 1:00- 1:30 PM.
At that time, I hope to hear from you regarding progress made and any issues
individual departments and agencies think I need to be aware of.  Thank you
very much for your attention and I look forward to speaking with you
tomorrow.    (016)

  Sincerely,    (017)

  Kim Nelson    (018)

  Assistant Administrator and Chief Information Officer Environmental
Protection Agency    (019)

  Co - Chair    (020)

  Architecture and Infrastructure Committee CIO Council    (021)

  Cheryl Manns    (022)

  DRM Project Coordinator    (023)

  (202) 772-0890    (024)

  Cheryl.Manns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (025)

--    (026)

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