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Re: [ontolog-forum] Proceedings of the Thu 2005-09-01Conference Call

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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 12:25:30 -0700
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I got a response from the UDEF group as per a proposed session between 
the two groups.  Probably sometime in Nov or Dec is the earliest this 
could happen.     (01)

Duane    (02)

Peter Yim wrote:    (03)

>Wonderful session yesterday ... thank to all who made it to the call.
>See proceeding at:
>In particular, please note that:
>1. We'll be having Elisa Kendall of Sandpiper Software as our invited
>speaker on Thursday, Sep. 8, 2005. Her talk is entitled: "The Model
>Driven Semantic Web  Emerging Technologies & Implementation
>Strategies." ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page at
>ConferenceCall_2005_09_08 ... I need RSVP's to help me gauge the
>number of lines to reserve on the conference bridge. Please email me
>offline if you are coming.
>2. In view of the conflict with the NCOR (National Center for
>Ontological Research) Inaugural Meeting (at Buffalo NY) on Oct. 27,
>2005, the Ontolog Technical Discussion Session on "Semantic Web
>Service Ontology Standard" has now been re-scheduled to Thu
>E. Michael Maximilien has graciously agreed to join our Moderator,
>NicolasRouquette, to help with the organizing activities. That's all
>the more reason for those who are committed to get this going (at the
>least: JohnDomingue, NicolasRouquette, MichaelGruninger &
>EMichaelMiaximilien) to confer quickly. Please use the
>page and also the listserv (suggestion: prefix you thread for easy
>identification) for your preparation work. Urgent - we have yet to
>identify and invite some (remaining) of the right people who could
>represent various complementary/competing efforts in this space.
>Nicolas will be taking the lead on all issues involving this event
>(the prep task force should feel free to ping the undersigned too, if
>there is any administrative question.)
>Regards.  =ppy
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