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From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 16:37:13 -0700
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Thank you for the update, Cecelia. Let's see how others respond 
to the survey. You and I can work off-line a bit more to see if 
there is anything else we can do about your audio archive 
playback experience.    (01)

By the way,    (02)

(a) Cecelia, is the 2005.06.30 the only mp3 that is giving you 
trouble (while the others are good), or do other session 
recordings also give you trouble?    (03)

(b) did anyone else run into the same problem with the 2005.06.30 
recording?    (04)

 > I made the link suggestion not to detract from any relevant
 > discussion ...    (05)

Cecelia, don't worry about it ... I'm just doing a routine, to 
make sure we don't wander off. Whatever you have brought up so 
far is relevant ... don't stop!    (06)

Regards.  =ppy
--    (07)

Cecelia Hickel wrote Mon, 08 Aug 2005 13:26:11 -0700:
> Dear Peter and Members,
> Thanks to you all for your time. Just for clarity on the MP3 matter, I do
> have a good broadband connection, and I tried running the MP3 file both from
> streaming and after downloading the full 38 Meg file to disk. I tried first
> using Quick Time, then WinAmp and then Windows Media player. Relatively no
> difference.  I even got some assistence to be sure I was not missing
> something. I re-downloaded the full file to recheck as well the first
> download quality. It is worth looking in to if the idea of selling a CD goes
> forward to have quality recordings. I was not successful and would prefer
> the CD option.
> I thank Duane for his ideas and links as well as resources to investigate.
> I respect Peter's boundaries on discussions. If they are any other
> suggestions, please send them to my email box listed below is fine. And as a
> note here, I made the link suggestion not to detract from any relevant
> discusion but rather because I was seeing different conceptual notions
> regarding an ontology from the discussions and that raised my own questions
> in understanding as to terminlogies and what this group's focus truly is. I
> walk into the group with zero background to learn from all of you. I have
> learned a great deal  about ontological concepts and perspectives on
> developing them and reasons for needing them in the first place. All of
> these discussions build a greater perspective, thus making everything
> relevant.  Many thanks to you all.
> Cecelia Hickel
> Kiona Scientific
> Benton City, WA 99320
> cecelia.hickel@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Telephone PST (509) 588-2650
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