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Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 13:26:11 -0700
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Dear Peter and Members,    (01)

Thanks to you all for your time. Just for clarity on the MP3 matter, I do
have a good broadband connection, and I tried running the MP3 file both from
streaming and after downloading the full 38 Meg file to disk. I tried first
using Quick Time, then WinAmp and then Windows Media player. Relatively no
difference.  I even got some assistence to be sure I was not missing
something. I re-downloaded the full file to recheck as well the first
download quality. It is worth looking in to if the idea of selling a CD goes
forward to have quality recordings. I was not successful and would prefer
the CD option.    (02)

I thank Duane for his ideas and links as well as resources to investigate.
I respect Peter's boundaries on discussions. If they are any other
suggestions, please send them to my email box listed below is fine. And as a
note here, I made the link suggestion not to detract from any relevant
discusion but rather because I was seeing different conceptual notions
regarding an ontology from the discussions and that raised my own questions
in understanding as to terminlogies and what this group's focus truly is. I
walk into the group with zero background to learn from all of you. I have
learned a great deal  about ontological concepts and perspectives on
developing them and reasons for needing them in the first place. All of
these discussions build a greater perspective, thus making everything
relevant.  Many thanks to you all.    (03)

Cecelia Hickel
Kiona Scientific
Benton City, WA 99320
Telephone PST (509) 588-2650    (04)

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