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Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 18:32:48 -0700
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And to complicate matters, time can also an be bent ...    (01)

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Duane    (04)

Peter F Brown wrote:    (05)

><quote who="Duane Nickull">
>Is there really any moment existing other than the present?  Nothing can
>exist in the past or the future.  Or can it? Humans perceive time in these
>smaller chunks rather than all at once and end up with the illusion that
>time is a sequential beast, some of the smarter homosapiens also noting that
>it is relative to your own context.  If I stare at a clock that is right in
>front of me, it appears to be tracking time forwards in a sequential manner.
>If I am looking at it while traveling away from it at the speed of light, it
>is not moving; faster than the speed of light and it appears to move
>There is a difference between "individuation" and "discrimination" that is
>important for you here (taking from Keith Devlin's work on situation
>theory): we often only need to know that one time is different to another,
>and not to pin either time down to a specific moment. Attempting to model
>time as a temporal location has the added complication, as with spatial
>location, of having to deal with essentially analogue, non-discrete, values:
>is "ten o'clock yesterday" the same as "10h00m00s0001ms"?
>-Peter F Brown
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