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Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 01:12:18 +0200
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<quote who="Duane Nickull">
Is there really any moment existing other than the present?  Nothing can
exist in the past or the future.  Or can it? Humans perceive time in these
smaller chunks rather than all at once and end up with the illusion that
time is a sequential beast, some of the smarter homosapiens also noting that
it is relative to your own context.  If I stare at a clock that is right in
front of me, it appears to be tracking time forwards in a sequential manner.
If I am looking at it while traveling away from it at the speed of light, it
is not moving; faster than the speed of light and it appears to move
</quote>    (01)

There is a difference between "individuation" and "discrimination" that is
important for you here (taking from Keith Devlin's work on situation
theory): we often only need to know that one time is different to another,
and not to pin either time down to a specific moment. Attempting to model
time as a temporal location has the added complication, as with spatial
location, of having to deal with essentially analogue, non-discrete, values:
is "ten o'clock yesterday" the same as "10h00m00s0001ms"?    (02)

-Peter F Brown    (03)

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