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Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 20:07:31 -0400
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Those that were able to attend the SWANS Conference heard me announce the
"Public Domain Databases for Semantic Searching and Ontology Building" and
heard Sir Tim Berners-Lee recommend for the government role:
(1) Making public data available in standard Semantic Web formats;
(2) Requiring funded data to be available in Semantic Web formats;
(3) Encouraging flagship applications; and
(4) Supporting Web science research for advanced tools.    (01)

I recently summarized the SICoP Pilots in a "State of the SICoP" for the CIO
Council and its two Committees that I report to as follows:
(1) Formal Taxonomies for the U.S. Government
(2) Ontology for Indicators
(3) Federal Enterprise Architecture Reference Model Ontology
(4) Building a National Health Information Network Ontology
(5) Public Domain Databases for Semantic Searching and Ontology Building
(6) Ontology and Taxonomy Coordinating Working Group
(7) Composite Application Solutions with Semantic Technologies
(8) Semantic Technology Profiles for the FEA Data Reference Model
(9) FEA Data Reference Model Use Cases    (02)

See http://web-services.gov/scope05162005.ppt.    (03)

Recent developments in work on the Federal Enterprise Architecture's Data
Reference Model (FEA-DRM) and Section 207 (d) of the E-Gov Act of 2002 have
brought to light the need to report on the SICoP SIA Pilots and Module 2 and
3 White Papers between now and mid-October.    (04)

I need to include an updated list of SIA Pilots in my presentation at the
First DRM Public Forum June 13th, at MITRE in McLean, VA, to which the
public is invited. The draft agenda should be distributed early next week
and I will provide the URL in a followup email. We will then schedule
presentations/demonstrations of the SICoP SIA Pilots at our monthly
workshops, Second Quarterly DRM Public Forum, Third Semantic Technologies
for E-Government Conference, etc.    (05)

The SIA Pilots should support SICoP's two Working Groups (Common Upper
Ontology and Ontology and Taxonomy Coordination), the two remaining White
Papers (The Business Case for Semantic Technologies and Implementing the
Semantic Web), as well as the FEA DRM and the Categorization of Government
Information (CGI) requirements in the E-Gov Act of 2002.    (06)

The basic categories of SIA Pilots are:
(1) Building ontologies and taxonomies from unstructured and semi-structured
information - examples include the FEA Reference Model Ontology, the
National Health Information Network Requests for Information, and the
January 6, 2005, chlorine tanker train car derailment event.    (07)

(2) Networking ontologies and taxonomies to promote reuse and integration
(ONTAC WG)    (08)

(3) Implementation of the FEA Reference Model Ontology in
registries/repositories and model-driven, SOA, architectures - examples
include LogicLibrary Federated Repositories and the GSA Office of the CIO.    (09)

(4) Building composite applications with multiple ontologies, business
rules, events, etc. that reduce the number of separate applications and/or
databases - examples include the TopQuadrant/Digital Harbor work with the
PiiE Platform (Business Case White Paper).    (010)

(5) Migrate the ISO 11179, UBL Core Component, and other pre-RDF/OWL
standards into the Semantic Web standards and technologies (DRM).    (011)

(6) Semantic Harmonizations of the FEA Performance Reference Model (PRM)
(OWL), Performance Assessment Rating Tool (PART) (Excel), and the Exhibit
300 (XSD) into an integrated application for Enterprise Architecture
Governance and Accountability. See
http://web-services.gov/scopefea04212005.ppt    (012)

(7) The RDF Network Data Model - examples include the Oracle 10.2
announcement, Friend-of-a Friend (FOAF) type applications, etc.    (013)

I am sure there are others that the SICoP and Ontolog members can suggest.    (014)

Please send me your feedback and proposed pilots by June 6th for inclusion
in my June 13th presentation at the First DRM Public Forum. All individuals,
vendors, etc. are welcome to participate within "our open collaboration with
open standards" framework, which in this case means you are willing to work
with others in the use of the RDF/OWL standards and technologies like for
the SWANS Conference.    (015)

Thank you,    (016)

Brand Niemann
Chair, SICoP
http://web-services.gov    (017)

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