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Please support this conference with submission of papers on semantics,
ontologies, etc. We had a keynote and a good number of papers last year.
Thanks, Brand    (01)

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From: Elledge, Marion
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 3:52 PM
Subject: XML 2005 Seeking Papers from Vertical Industries -- CFP Now Open -- 
Exhibit Information Coming Soon    (02)

IDEAlliance today announced that the Call for Participation for XML 2005
http://www.xmlconference.org  is now open. And we need you help.    (03)

This year the planning committee would like to encourage more papers
submissions representing vertical industries such as Automotive, Healthcare,
Mobile phones, Insurance, and Financial.  We ask that you assist us in
promoting the event to your customer bases in respective vertical
industries. Their presentations can promote your products and services in a
real world approach.    (04)

XML 2005 takes place at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia,
November 14-18. In a series dating back 19 years, XML 2005 continues to
build and expand the conference agenda to ensure participants receive the
highest quality content available today presented by the world's leading
experts on XML and its implementation. This year's theme, "XML - from Syntax
to Semantics" covers such topic areas as collaboration, core technologies,
large-scale architectures, knowledge management, metadata and semantics, and
many more.    (05)

The XML 2005 Planning Committee includes Conference Chair, Lauren Wood, Sun
Microsystems, Sharon Adler, IBM, Jon Udell, InfoWorld, Mike Champion,
Microsoft, Jim Melton, Oracle, Brand Neiman, EPA, and Marion Elledge,
IDEAlliance.    (06)

The XML 2005 agenda includes an exposition of XML technology vendors, pre-
and post conference tutorials, birds-of-a-feather sessions, Town Hall
meetings, poster sessions, and many more ad-hoc meetings in addition to the
over 150 sessions included in the general program.    (07)

Sponsorship and exhibit information coming soon.    (08)

About IDEAlliance
IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit
membership organization. Its mission is to advance user-driven,
cross-industry solutions for all publishing and content-related processes by
developing standards, fostering business alliances, and identifying best
practices. Founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association,
IDEAlliance has been a leader in information technology - developing
Document Markup Metalanguage (GENCODE), sponsoring the Standard Generalized
Markup Language (SGML), and fostering eXtensible Markup Language (XML).
IDEAlliance builds on these languages to create specifications that enhance
efficiency and speed information in all aspects of publishing and
content-related processes. Learn more about IDEAlliance at
http://www.idealliance.org    (09)

Marion L. Elledge    (010)

VP, Information Technologies Programs    (011)

IDEAlliance http://www.idealliance.org    (012)

Watch for upcoming events:    (013)

XTECH 2005 - 24-27 May - Amsterdam, The Netherlands http://www.xtech.org    (014)

Extreme 2005 - August 1-5 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
http://www.extrememarkup.com    (015)

XML 2005 - November 14-18 - Atlanta, Georgia http://www.xmlconference.org    (016)

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