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Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 10:43:29 -0800
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Does anyone plan on going to this or is anyone in the area?    (01)

Duane    (02)

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Subject:        CCTS Meeting
Date:   Tue, 08 Feb 2005 13:38:29 -0500
From:   Mary Kay Blantz <blantz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi,    (04)

This is a reminder that we will be meeting to review comments and update 
CCTS 2.01 in February.     (05)

If you submitted comments, it is very important that you attend the 
meeting.  If that is not possible, please let us know, and we will try 
to provide a call-in number for you.     (06)

The meeting will be:  22 - 25, February, 2005.     (07)

Start time:  9:00 AM Eastern, 22-February    (08)

End time:  2:00 PM Eastern, 25-February    (09)

Location:  LMI, in McLean, Virginia, USA    (010)

If you will attend, please send an email to both Mark Crawford 
(mcrawford@xxxxxxx <mailto:mcrawford@xxxxxxx>) and me 
(blantz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:blantz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>).  The email should 
list your name, the organization you represent, and your country.    (011)

For anyone who has not previously attended meetings at LMI, please let 
me know.  We can provide specifics such as closest airport, transport to 
the hotel, and possible hotels to choose.    (012)

Mary Kay
Cell: 216-496-9988    (013)

PS  I included some folks on the mailing list who are from the area or 
who had interest in CCTS in the past.  If you wish to have your name 
removed from the mailing list, just let me know.    (014)

Senior Standards Strategist - Adobe Systems, Inc. - http://www.adobe.com
Vice Chair - UN/CEFACT Bureau Plenary - http://www.unece.org/cefact/
Adobe Enterprise Developer Resources  - 
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