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Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 19:20:36 -0800
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Forwarding Susan Turnbull's invitation ...    (01)

[Susan, Brand et al. has put together a very substantial agenda for the 
workshop, do take a look. ...    (02)

Hope to see a lot of you participating, either on-site at NSF or 
remotely through dial-in.  -ppy]
---    (03)
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To: UA-EXPEDITION@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Susan Turnbull <susan.turnbull@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 18:55:58 -0500
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Greetings!    (01)

You and your colleagues are invited to the Collaborative Expedition
Workshop #38 at the National Science Foundation, Ballston, VA from 8:30 am
to 4:15 pm. We'll be exploring, how Communities of Practice, in light of
the Data Reference Model, can build the capacity needed for shared
understanding and governance around new mission responsibilities for data
stewardship and sharing.   The workshop title is "Semantic Conflict Mapping
and Enablement: Making Commitments Together."  Please RSVP to
Renee.hughes@xxxxxxx if you plan to join us.   Workshop details, including
venue logistics and lap-top screening requirements are at:
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ExpeditionWorkshop/SemanticConflictMappingandEnablement_MakingCommitmentsTogether_2005_02_22    (02)

Best regards,
Susan    (03)

Susan B. Turnbull
Co-Chair, Emerging Technology SC,
Architecture and Infastructure Committee and
Senior Program Advisor
Office of Intergovernmental Solutions
US General Services Administration
p 202.501.6214
www.gsa.gov/interov    (04)

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