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Re: [ontolog-forum] Need Help with Health Domains Ontology (Followup on

To: Brand Niemann <bniemann@xxxxxxx>, "[ontolog-forum]" <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Adam Pease <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 09:55:55 -0800
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Brand,    (01)

Thank you for making the concrete (and actionable) suggestions to 
FHA-ONCHIT. This is wonderful!    (02)

 > ... hope we can discuss this in either today's meeting ... or in
 > a separate conference call soon.    (03)

Brand, we already have a planned "invited speaker" session today. Maybe 
we can make this discussion the key agenda item for next week's call 
(i.e. the 2005.02.03 ontolog call that starts 1:30pm EST / 10:30am PST), 
if that is OK with you. If you prefer that even sooner (or have a 
conflict), please suggest one or two time slots that would work for you.    (04)

That said, since we have Conrad Bock from NIST speaking today, and 
Conrad has been NIST's representative on the HL7 Clinical Decision 
Support Technical Committee, we would likely touch upon some 
health-related discussion anyway. (However, that might not happen until 
the "open discussion" segment of the session, which probably would be 
after 2:15pm your time. Unfortunate!)    (05)

More specifically, since your suggested examples will be in SUMO, I'd 
like to find out about Adam Pease's availability too [attn: Adam: please 
advise, as I remember you saying that you may not be available for a few 
weeks at our last call.]    (06)

--    (07)

Brand Niemann wrote Thu, 27 Jan 2005 11:50:17 -0500:
> I attended the Federal Health Architecture-ONCHIT Meeting on Health 
> Domains yesterday (see attached background presentaton and spreadsheet) 
> and made the following suggestions for moving forward jointly 
> (Ontolog/SICoP) and in the context of the RFI (for which they have about 
> 500 responses) as follows:
> (1) show how their 5 basic domains and examples under each can be mapped 
> to say SUMO-WordNet; and
> (2) how some examples of domain ontologies mentioned in the RFI would/or 
> would not map well to (1) above.
> They really liked this suggestion (maybe I could have worded it better), 
> but this would show how you could help them and set the stage for a 
> presentation to them soon if you are agreeable.
> I am sure that you could offer significant improvements to their Health 
> Domains structure - e.g., it looks like it might more logically all fall 
> under say Health Care with subclasses like Access, Information, 
> Administration, Services, Research, Education, etc., but your are the 
> experts at this, not me, and also need to be compatible with the health 
> domain ontologies that are already out there that would fall under this 
> upper domain.
> I hope we can discuss this in either today's meeting (I have to break 
> off about 2:15 for another meeting) or in a separate conference call soon.
> Brand    (08)

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