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Please note the attached, which is self explanatory.    (01)

We (the Ontolog Forum) should put in on our agenda to consider putting 
together our feedback and recommendations to the CCTS folks.  -ppy
--    (02)
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 FYI.    (01)

Mark R. Crawford
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Hello,    (06)

We are ready to accept comments on CCTS v 2.01!    (07)

Attached is an announcement that you should have received or at least
seen over one month ago.  We have learned that not all the appropriate
people have been informed.
Please feel free to forward the announcement to anyone you feel is
interested.    (08)

The only change to the attached announcement is that the deadline for
submitting comments has been extended to 21-January-2005.    (09)

Comments should still be submitted in the described format, and should
be sent to both Jim Wilson and Mark Crawford.    (010)

We plan to hold a face-to-face meeting for comment review during the
week of 21-February-2005, in McLean, Virginia, USA.  We hope that all
submitters of comments will be able to attend this meeting.    (011)

Thank you very much, in advance, for your Comments,    (012)

Mary Kay Blantz
Mark Crawford
Alan Stitzer    (013)

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