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Good People,

I was kinda happy that this paper disappeared, and unhappy to see it resurface.  While a few codes do appear to be more like 'text' than like 'identifiers, I've yet to be convinced that any of the code lists I find in X12 standards are simply 'text' abbreviations.

Some 'text' examples from X12 Data Elements:

83 Code for Licensing, Certification, Registration, or Accreditation Agency
    Code identifying a licensing, certification, registration, or accreditation agency.
   1 Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education

This code identifies an organization.

375 Tariff Service Code
       Code specifying the types of services for rating purposes

   HG Household Goods for International Military Air Transport
   HH House-to-House
         Rate applies for cargo shipped in containers where the stuffing and shipping thereof is performed by or for the account of the shipper and/or consignee at their respective locations beyond ocean carrier's port terminals

These codes act as indices into rate tables.  That is, thay identify specific rates.

40 Equipment Description Code
    Code identifying type of equipment used for shipment

    DX Boxcar, Damage Free Equipped
    FX Boxcar Cushion Under Frame OF

The word 'Description' in the title suggest 'text'.  The definition of the data elemetn says 'identifying', and the codes identify specific types of equipment, having specific attributes.

        Bob Miller

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sorry petetr i think the online reference disappeared when OASIS
upgraded their software.

here is the source document...

Peter Yim wrote:

> Tim,
> During our 2004.03.11 CCT-Representation call, when discussing UBL's
> delineation between "Code" and "Identifier", you were refering us to
> an earlier UBL whitepaper (ref:
> http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2004_03_11_CCT#nid063).
> I can see a couple of codelist related papers at the UBL-NDR site, but
> I don't think you were referring to them. Can you provide a link to
> the paper which you feel is pertinent to our task at hand, please.
> Thanks.  -ppy
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