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Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 12:34:26 -0500
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Kenneth --
    Your question may provoke a debate;    (01)

 > I am not totally clear on the distinctions between formal logic
 > representation and symbolic reasoning systems.    (02)

   Adam Pease appears to have some fairly specific requirements for
what can pass as a "representation" and doesn't think that
Protege qualifies.  I like to make a clear distinction between
(1) a static set of data in some machine-readable format and
(2) the procedural code which interprets the data and reasons with
it.  There are, however development systems which include both
data-storage and some reasoning ability.  Protege is one of those,
but the reasoning available in Protege is minimal and the formal
logical model will not support full first-order logic --
therefore unless it is modified, a KIF (or SKIF, a variant of KIF)
file will not necessarily be interpreted properly by the
internal reasoning facility of Protege.
    My goal is to add **just enough** additional reasoning ability
to Protege in order to:
  (1) provide a perspicuous and logically sound visual representation
      of the knowledge available in a SKIF file;
  (2) enable convenient editing of a knowledge base and allow it to
      be re-exported to its original SKIF format.    (03)

   Thus far, I think I have accomplished (1), but doing (2) is months
away.  So for now, the Protege facility can be used as a browser, but
not as an editor -- it can't re-export into SKIF format.  As a
browser, it helps *me* to understand relations within an ontology
in a way that the other browsers we have available don't.  I hope
it will also be useful to others.    (04)

    As for RDF/OWL, I haven't tried to use these representations, so
I can't speak knowledgeably about them.  There is a Protege
plug-in under development that can  import and export OWL-format
files.  So if and when I or someone else develops a way to export
Protege files to KIF, Protege might be usable as an interlingua
to move from SKIF to OWL format -- though a direct conversion might
be better when it is developed.  But there are probably lots
of sticking points on specific logical structures that could
make full translation difficult.  That will become evident over
time.  For me, I only get the motivation to learn new
file formats if I have on hand an application that requires
it.  If anyone knows of a freely-available application
that uses OWL (and does something useful with the data),
I would appreciate the reference.    (05)

   For now, in spite of spending time on the SKIF/Protege format 
conversion, I am most interested in the actual conceptual content
of the knowledge bases we are developing, with a strong preference
for rapidly coming to an agreement on the upper-level concepts
that can handle a wide range of specific domains.  Invoices looks
like a good specialized domain to start with, and so we proceed.    (06)

================================    (07)

Kenneth Fields wrote:    (08)

> This is optimal! This would settle the issue of browsing -  Sigma browser.
> I am not totally clear on the distinctions between formal logic 
> representation and symbolic reasoning systems. I don't ask for a 
> tutorial on that matter here - I'll go do my homework on that. But I 
> assume KIF is the standard for the former and RDF / OWL for the latter. 
> In thinking about deliverables, we want to the ontology representation 
> to be both logically solid for computation and semantically (Web) useful.
> What does Adam mean when he says he has 'built' ontologies in Sigma - I 
> don't see the editing capability like Ontolingua does.
> Ken
> On Feb 5, 2004, at 8:39 AM, Peter Yim wrote:
>> Thanks for the update, Pat.
>> > [Pat]  I have not yet started to build an Export-to-KIF
>> > method in the Protege SKIF tab. ...
>> > ...  So until there is a visible demand for it
>> > (e.g. several ontolog people actually building an ontology and
>> > wanting to use Protege) I will concentrate on getting the
>> > details of the importing polished, ...
>> By cross posting to the [dao-forum] here, let's see what the 
>> interest/demand level is from our friends at [dao].
>> -ppy
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