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From: Adam Pease <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:42:09 -0800
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Peter,    (01)

At 10:14 PM 1/15/2004 -0800, Peter Yim wrote:
>Looks good, Adam!
>... tells us, at least, that there's a lot of work to do.    (02)

yes, indeed.  I hope that everyone in the group would take a term and try 
to formalize it.  Here's a suggestion for a tiny increment of work.  Why 
doesn't everyone who has attended my tutorials or expressed interest in 
doing formalization take one term and just tell us if it's already in SUMO 
or MILO, or which term it should be subclassed from?  That's at most a few 
minutes of work.  More effort would be welcome of course.  Let's suggest 
that be done by the next telecon.  I'll be away, but could comment by 
email.  Here's the list and my random suggestions for who could be 
responsible for each:    (03)

Peter Yim:
StatusCode      Invoice. Status. Code   "Identifies the status of the 
document with regard to change from its original state; 'original', 'copy', 
'revision' or 'cancellation'. Original is as first sent; a copy is 
typically sent on request if the original has been misplaced; a revision is 
a document that contains a change from the original, e.g. new, deleted or 
amended item lines; cancellation is cancellation of whole document (for 
normal order changes and cancellations the respective documents should be 
used)"    (04)

Kurt Conrad:
IssueDate       Invoice. Issue. Date    the date when the invoice was issued    (05)

Bill McCarthy:
TaxPointDate    Invoice. Tax Point. Date        "the date of the invoice 
for tax purposes, in accordance with the applicable tax regulation."    (06)

Pat Cassidy:
InvoiceCurrencyCode     Invoice. Invoice_Currency. Code the currency in 
which the Invoice is presented. This may be the same currency as the 
pricing or as the tax.    (07)

Cecilia Hickel:
LineItemCountQuantity   Invoice. LineItem_Count. Quantity       the number 
of line items    (08)

Mike Daconta:
Delivery        Invoice. Delivery       associates the overall invoice with 
the details of a delivery (or deliveries)    (09)

Bo Newman:
PaymentMeans    Invoice. Payment Means  associates the invoice with the 
expected means of payment.    (010)

Leo Obrst:
PaymentTerms    Invoice. Payment Terms  associates the invoice with the 
payment terms applicable/offered.    (011)

Sue Probert
ExchangeRate    Invoice. Exchange Rate  "associates the invoice with an 
exchange rate. In any one invoice there is only one exchange rate needed, 
either between invoicing at tax currency, or between pricing and invoice 
totalling."    (012)

Monica Martin:
TaxTotals       Invoice. Tax Totals     associates the invoice with summary 
information for a particular tax.    (013)

Bob Smith:
LegalTotals     Invoice. Legal Totals   associates the invoice with a set 
of totals required for the invoice to be a legal document.    (014)

Adam    (015)

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