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Re: [ontolog-forum] SKIF-Protege conversion

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From: Patrick Cassidy <pcassidy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 19:48:27 -0500
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Bo --
    Re your good question:    (01)

Brian (Bo) Newman wrote:    (02)

> Pat,
> Are there any KIF ontologies other than SUMO you would recommend as test 
> cases?
>     (03)

    The other versions of SUMO should load, with perhaps some errors
due to a few irregularities in the format, but I regret that in spite
of good intentions, I haven't yet tested the import on any file other
than SUMO 1.55.
    As for other KIF files, I seriously doubt that any would load
properly, since the current import program assumes that the statements
would be grouped in blocks with the same first argument (after the
predicate name), and certain critical predicates such as "instance",
"domain", "subclass", "disjoint", might well have different names
in other KIF files even if they had the same meaning.  These
limitations would not be difficult to overcome, but unless there
is some demand for such a facility, I would be reluctant to undertake
it in the immediate future, as time is short.  I will try to
accommodate the needs of the Ontolog group first.
    The immediate goal is to allow us to develop an ontology in the
SKIF format and still be able to use Protege as a browser.  If
there is a consensus from the Ontolog group that Protege would also
be useful as an editor, I will try to find some time to move toward
developing the export utility also.  Like Adam, I would like to
see some feedback before investing a lot more time.
     I am also still concerned that we need to find a realistic
application in order to be able to prove to skeptical outsiders
(which is approximately **all** outsiders) that the ontology we
develop is actually useful.  Having an application in hand would
add a lot of incentive, at least for me personally.    (04)

    Pat    (05)

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